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Saturday, 01 September 2012 17:43

DCS Frequently Asked Question

If you have a question which is not mentioned below please contact support.

What is Overlay?

Overlay is only the name of configuration similar to Job ticket in other VDP system

Overlay is the name given to the Job configuration which includes formatting, finishing and output.

When you edit overlay it means you will edit which form to be merged , which form to be used , which line space , page margin   etc

What is the difference between form and overlay?

Form is graphic file (lines , shades ,boxes , text ,logo  etc ) which will be merged with the data stream.

It can be created with any software under windows like MS Word, Excel, Illustrator, Corel draw etc 

See the reference manual to know the exact steps of importing the form into the DCS through menu and mouse click.

Can we design form using an existing PDF file?

Yes the DCS can use form created as PDF which only required from you to save it as EPS.

If you don’t have Full Acrobat version then you simply can print the PDF to any postscript printer driver and make the output to a file.

This file is actually a Postscript file which can be used as form file.

How many overlays the DCS can support?

Unlimited - It is only limited by the space of your Disk and Your memory.

Can overlay contains blank forms ?

Yes – it can contains blank form or no form at all.


What Overlay Modes which can be supported by DCS

Currently the DCS support 8 Modes

1.     Line Mode

2.     Record Mode

3.     CSV Mode

4.     XML Mode

5.     Raster Mode

6.     Multi-Raster Mode

7.     Numbering Mode

8.     CD Mode


The last four modes are related mainly to Prepress.


What raw data formats supported by the DCS and which Mode can bu=e used accordingly?

-           Text (ASCII or EBCDIC or any Character set)   Line Mode-Record Mode, CSV Mode

-           CSV , Tab Delimited      - CSV Mode

-           XML                  - XML  Mode

-           Images (Tiff,  JPG, BMP, GIF)

-           Images label  for CD    - Tiff, JPG , BMP  - CD Mode

-           PDF, TIFF          - Numbering Mode