Enterprise Print Solution

Print PDF


ep-solutionThe DCS has no limitation to connect to any printer on your network, local, shared or print server.


Wither the printer is Postscript or PCL or other language as long as it can be defined on the network the DCS can directly connect and users can submit multiple jobs.


The DCS can receive job from any users across the network and direct them to specific printer with mouse click and re-print as many times as required without re-spooling or configuring.

Regardless the brand if the printer is equipped with postscript 3 the DCS can submit the print job(s) direct to the printer.


If the printer equipped with non postscript then the DCS will format and generate PDF with a speed of 2,000 up to 5,000 pages per minute and user can print the PDF direct to any virtual printer on the network.