Telecom Sectors

The Telecom sector has specific demands for its operation and services

- Fastest highest speed generation of monthly bills

- Provide tool/workflow to create multiple layouts of the subscribers bills to address different categories e.g. B2B , VIP , B2C , Government , Loyal customers  etc

- Ability to assemble the data of the bills from different sources  from the  XML files  and  DB Records , CSV  or combination of both

- Direct output to any printing system and ensure rate speed and the printer features will be implemented e.g  VIPP , Finishing Module   etc

- Ability to personalization of the bills to address all  information , advertisements , messages and promotions to any specified customer or category

- Multiple Output Channel for the bills :

  1. To printer(s)  - Address all vendors with PS or PCL
  2. Implement the features of Xerox VIPP
  3. Generate high quality searchable PDF where it will be viewed online or archived to ECM
  4. Send automatically by email according to customer profile or certain criteria.

- Speed Speed  ,  the delay in generation or printing or distributions means the money will be collected later and the subscribers will be upset for the delay!

- Productivity 24/7  Bill Generation during the bill patch which require seed up to 10 million bills per day!


The DCS can satisfy your operation by fully address the above needs in the fastest performance you will never see before in any other system!

The DCS with its pure C++ and postscript engine which uses postscript native way for generating postscript or  PDF  will give the top higher speed and optimization - Not like other who are using third party libraries , non PS coding , higher level languages to perform the imaging on the page.