The DCS will guarantee to deliver your message and obtain customer satisfaction.

Bank Statement can be a simple paper carrying numbers or true marketing document.

Core banking system must concentrate on data processing and linking of many sources of date to provide the complete customer reports.

The DCS offers your core banking system the enhanced output which they lacks , a complete control of the text , line and page formatting , starting from converting the output to fit into cut sheet paper but it also provide complete personalization , variable data printing which produce these features

  • Compress or expand the transactions details of your account and card statements to fit any width.
  • Produce several types of statements according to customers categories  e.g. Corporate , retail , VIP  etc
  • Personalize your statements with advertisement, messages related to customer's type, business , age or nationality  etc
  • Format your core banking output on demand !  and no need to fully format the entire data !  the DCS is fast enough to complete the job in seconds.
  • Print your data using any centralized printer at the main print center and also any small  printers around the branches which produce exact layout as your centralized printer.
  • Produce archiving format PDF of the statement to be distributed over the branches or online !
  • The DCS can generate PDF version of the output in single or multiple languages which can have the same layout or other compact version.
  • Produce compress and summarized PDF version suitable for mobile and iPad..