Fast Development and High Speed Output

The DCS use any of your favorite graphic software to develop your forms and logo.

Wither you have your forms already designed on any Windows or Apple platform the DCS will accept and merge it with your data stream at front , back or body of the jobs or at any certain location you require during the printing which based on simple or complicated condition.


No need to re-design you forms using proprietary software, just use what you had and the DCS will be integrated to it.

No matter the forms are heavy or complicated the DCS is using the latest technology from Adobe to recover the speed and the through put speed of the job will not be affected and your printer will run on the rate speed, however formatting on the DCS platform and generate PDF files will have extremely high speed up to 5,000 pages per minute.


PDF forms scan images forms can be integrated into the DCS and fully used within your print jobs.