Laverage the Power of Postscript

Use Mouse Click to Format Raw Data

Easy Building of your VDP Jobs

Migrate Line Printer & Preprinted to Cutsheet

Variety of Input and Multiple Output

Native Speed of Two Fast Giants

Suitable for Simple and Complex Jobs

Financial Sector


The image of a bank and any insurance company can be communicated to their customers through impressing statement or E-statement which Board and Marketing messages, advertisments, transactions , new services , and strategy toward different categories of ccustomers

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Telecom Sector


Subscribers bills must express all promotions and services ! the telecom business requires rapid changes and dynamic messages with different layouts , The DCS ....

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Print Service Bureau


Imagine this scenario: You have thousands even millions of print jobs of color and mono Statements , utility bills or financial reports etc and you need to submit them on different printers from different brands (Xerox Ricoh , Canon etc  ) and each job has different configurations, forms, layout, logo and finishing options The DCS …

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Digital Press


The DCS offer unique and powerful features to every owner of Digital Press like Xerox iGen , Canon Image Press, Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS, Kodak, HP , Ricoh etc , Automatic Numbering, security codes , Personalization , variable data printing , production printing of photos to graphic arts studios and direct printing to CD/DVD's  etc


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Image Processing Software

The Image Processing Software is the fastest and easiest tool to resize, resample and personalize your images library

Digital Imaging services and production sites who are receiving thousands and perhaps of millions of different IPS

formats of images and they need the following demands to be done on time:

  • Resize all or some of the images
  • Convert and resize all of some of the images
  • Receiving images manually or through hot folder 

The IPS will do all that with a click of a mouse and in amazing speed



Migrate Line Printer & Preprinted to Cutsheet

The DCS provides easy interface to build your jobs and migrate your output of line printer, pre-printed forms to cut sheet printers or digital press with enhance formatting of data with graphics, forms, logo, direct messages etc.

Mainframe and Mini applications can be migrated without any script or typing code just enjoy the DCS interface/design tree and online help to configure your new output to any postscript printer connected on the network.

The DCS will print direct to any postscript printer , while if there are non postscript printers you can generate PDF of the output and print the jobs on non postscript printers as long as it is installed.


One to One Marketing

The DCS provides great facility to compose and format your utility bill , statement and invoice in a way suitable to multi-output channel.

personalizationWith different aims and destination you must address every group with specific message, Promotion and news.The DCS within one overlay can provide such features.

Talk to your customer or client in private way and personalized your message and the DCS will deliver it in accurate and fast way.

Either through mobile, Email, Fax, Online view or printed and sent by post the DCS will provide you the easy tools to build your work flow to perform all that.



Enterprise Print Solution

You will have free decision to choose any vendor you prefer mostly to print your bills, statements, reports, and invoices.

The DCS is providing an enterprise solution to print on any famous vendor like Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, HP etc just click of a mouse to switch between one printer and another without changing the job design, configuration and structure!

One DCS can connect to more than 400 printers (PS/PCL) starting from 5 PPM up to 1300 PPM and across the network and the user has the choice to submit the job(s) with single click.


Diamond Utility Services


"The DCS turned my output bill into marketing document , our printing systems run in full rate speed , PDF generation and distribution exceeded 4,000 page per minute "  Vice President - Information Technology